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What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing enables businesses to market themselves using paid advertisements to increase search visibility on search engine results pages. When users search for a particular product or service on platforms like Google, millions of options pop up – and whoever is searching is unlikely to sift through pages and pages of results. SEM brings customers to your door by making it possible for your business’s product or service to appear at the top of the page when a user is searching for it.

Our Process

Our 6-Step approach to Search Engine Marketing


We want to know what your goals are, and what methods you've used in the past that have helped you achieve (and not achieve) those goals.


Having a look into your ongoing paid search accounts to help pinpoint areas that need improvement.


Our analysts employ professional knowledge and various tools in generating a starting keyword list, geotargeting, and other options.


Your goals and our professional insights help us create a suitable monthly budget.


Once your campaigns are off the ground, we keep a close eye on them to make sure they yield the most effective results.


You're kept in the loop all the way as we give you extensive, real-time performance breakdowns - including our methods used in generating the biggest value for your money as well as further opportunities for growth.

Strategy Phase

Because no two businesses are truly alike, each one requires a digital marketing strategy that is specific to their goals and needs. To help us create the best possible strategy for your business, we seek to answer the following questions: 

  • What do we want to achieve? Depending on what kind of business you have, you may be looking to increase leads (e.g. by 20%) or increase sales (e.g. by 10%), or increasing both.
  • What’s the current reality? In order to answer this question, we’ll take a look at how many visitors your site attracts, volume, and source of leads, sales, and revenue as well as your conversion rates.
  • What’s the path to get there? We’ll suggest the best path forward and will likely include a combination of the following – increase the quality of visitors (e.g. by 5%), increase the number of visitors (e.g. by 7%), and increase website conversion rates (e.g. by 6%).
  • What’s my target audience searching for? This involves conducting in-depth keyword research, defining the core messages, and establishing what your website landing pages need to communicate.


Analytic Phase

It's important for your Google Ads reporting framework to be properly set up and established for crucial information on what is working well and what isn't, so that existing methods can be improved upon and slip-ups can be prevented. Your BI Framework from Google Ads should include:

  • Tracking of outcomes – The types of tracking that you should have in place include basic Google Analytics set up, inbound phone tracking, e-commerce tracking and other business outcomes. It will allow you to see how many leads your business got, how much revenue your business received and the lifetime value of each client.
  • Reporting – By putting this tracking in place, it will allow you to report on different aspects of your business. Our standard approach is to report on 5-7 high level numbers weekly and with monthly detailed data, analysis with recommendations. We provide the reporting structure (spreadsheets and dashboards) for you, so that all you need to do is review them.
  • Outcomes to your business – This is about linking all the pieces of the puzzle together to reveal insights as to what real business outcomes are being generated from your Google Ads campaigns.
  • Site engagement – You can’t run an effective Google Ads campaign without also assessing what is happening once visitors actually reach your website.
  • Visitors to your website – One of the key aims of Google Ads is the ability to drive higher volumes of traffic to your website, so we should be looking at how well your marketing and advertising campaigns do this.

Optimisation Phase

Everybody says they optimise their Google Ads campaign, but that’s like saying everybody communicates. And we all know there are good communicators, poor communicators, and average communicators. The right Google Ads agency will develop with you a strict and effective optimisation process that will see real growth in results.

  • Our approach to optimisation – Our optimisation strategy is to manage campaigns by outcomes. It involves strict optimisations that reveal information about how your campaign is really performing. What we always tell clients is that if you are managing your campaigns by outcomes, then your Google Ads campaign should become a variable cost model to your business = i.e. the more you spend the more revenue you make.
  • Conversion optimisation: leads or revenue – This involves identifying which parts of the campaign are generating leads/revenue that is below our target costs and do more of them, including more similar keywords and more budget. And, which parts of the campaign are outside our cost metrics, and can we get it converting better with a more effective landing page.
  • Management by outcomes – Cost per lead or cost per revenue.
    Budget optimisation – This involves allocating more money to better-performing keywords and components.
    Site engagement optimizations – This involves identifying which keywords are producing high bounce rates and low time on site, which keywords are showing good engagement, and how do we do more of the good and less of the bad.
  • Search Query Analysis (SQA) – Although keyword research is conducted early on in the campaign development, it remains an important part of the optimisation process. It involves analysing weekly/monthly search query analysis to see exactly what people are typing into the search box to make your ad display. What new keywords can be added that will increase campaign performance and what negatives do we need to add to stop your ad from displaying (adding negatives every week and month is vital to a good performing campaign).

Why Google Ads?

It may come as no surprise that Google sees on average, 4 billion searches per day. So it only makes sense to take full advantage of the search opportunities at your disposal, before your competition beats you to it. Having successfully executed Google Ad campaigns for over 5 years for both ourselves and our clients, we believe we have what it takes to not only run a prosperous campaign, but also to turn your business into a profitable, ever-evolving organisation. Being a Google partner has given us the skills and knowledge needed to develop paid search advertising campaigns that are sure to generate a bang for your buck!

google ads search ads

Search ads

As soon as users search for businesses similar to yours on Google, your ads pop up on both mobile and desktop devices.

google ads app campaigns

Universal app campaigns

Make your app simple to install and locate across Google's vast variety of platforms.

Video ads

Design video campaigns that boost engagement with your audience on Youtube or across the web.

Display ads

Reach people while they’re checking their email, browsing their favourite websites or using apps.

Shopping ads

Shine a spotlight on your products and promotions in Google Shopping to increase sales.

google ads remarketing

Remarketing ads

Use messages, reminders and fresh offers to reach out to those who've visited your site in the past.

Why Microsoft Ads?

Microsoft Search Network is a powerful tool to be wielded with massive benefits. Reach people any time, anywhere, on any device.

You have the option of growing your network on a global scale or keeping it local, thanks to a multitude of options. What makes this network even better is the ability to extract data from all the tools you're already using, such as Google Ads.

Reach across devices

Dive into the opportunity to engage with customers whether you're at home, work, or on the go.

Go global or local

The Microsoft Search Network gives you access to an abundance of unique searchers across countries, cities and within a particular radius.

Easy to import

Incorporating campaigns from other services like Google Ads into Microsoft Advertising is easy and simple.

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